NYda 100% Merino Unisex Jumper *Unique Design*

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Where Nida's Serenity Meets NYC's Hustle 🔥

Created in collaboration with Egyboy, it's a piece of art in your closet. On the front NYda shouts out in bold black font – because why whisper when you can roar? It's not just a word; it's a lifestyle. For those who carry the tranquility of Nida in their hearts but can't shake off the New York City-sized ambitions in their heads, this jumper is your spirit animal. Crafted in pure extra fine merino wool, it’s designed as One Size and Unisex - a marvel that's as versatile as your playlist. In this one-size-fits-all (because who has time for sizes anyway?), we've stitched together the essence of two worlds. It's like teleporting from the soothing sands of Nida to the bustling streets of NYC, but without the jet lag.

Wear it to a casual brunch where you're secretly plotting to take over the world or to that evening hangout where you end up discussing philosophy. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a conversation starter. So, go ahead, embrace the paradox. Be as serene as a sunset in Nida and as unstoppable as a New York minute. After all, why choose when you can have the best of both worlds with the NYda Jumper?

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